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Waves Incubator

Waves Incubator is a long-term initiative designed to build the global reach and profile of Waves. We’re offering up to 100,000 WAVES for your project, with comprehensive support from the Waves team to ensure it’s a success!

What you’ll get

Projects selected to take part in Waves Incubator are entitled to:

Up to 100,000 WAVES per project in funding
Full tech support from the Waves team
PR and marketing assistance

What is a dApp?

A dApp, or decentralised application, is an application that executes on a distributed computer system such as a blockchain.

In particular, a Waves dApp is an application written in the RIDE language and executed by the nodes of the Waves blockchain network.

Waves has recently released RIDE for dApps: a version of the RIDE programming language specifically designed for developing decentralised applications.

Waves’ Web 3.0 app architecture features a balanced and considered mixture of decentralised and centralised technologies. At this point, it is hard to achieve full decentralisation due to technological limitations. We need to combine the advantages of centralised and decentralised systems as the basis for building dApps for Web 3.0.


Waves Keeper is an entry point to the app. All keys are encrypted on the user’s device.

Decentralised layer

Here we can deploy the most important operations that require the highest level of security.

Computation layer

All heavy computation, such as AI, can be conducted using centralised layers.

Use cases for Waves Incubator applications

We’re looking for several specific solutions that we believe are the most promising use cases for RIDE for dApps.

1. DAO
2. Decentralised auction
3. Prediction markets
4. Decentralised games
5. Decentralised gambling
6. Waves Token Exchange
7. Oracle Launcher

Building a new decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) or a framework for simplified creation of DAOs.

Download a detailed description
Decentralised auction

Creating a platform for holding dApp-powered auctions. The main condition is real-world applicability of the dApp.

Download a detailed description
Prediction markets

Building a dApp that can establish a foothold in the predictions market segment and, in the longer term, occupy a significant share of it.

Download a detailed description
Decentralised games

Creating exciting and engaging gaming dApps that could make an impact in the growing gaming dApps segment.

Download a detailed description
Decentralised gambling

Developing gambling dApps that are secure, transparent and reliable, while maintaining the fun and excitement that players expect from gambling applications.

Download a detailed description
Waves Token Exchange

A ShapeShift-style crypto exchange service that will deal with Waves-issued tokens, using Waves Keeper as one of the sign-in options.

Oracle Launcher

A tool for importing various data sources to the Waves blockchain with the use of the Oracle protocol.

Submit application

If you have an idea for a useful solution based on Waves technologies that is not mentioned above, please tell us about it at [email protected] or submit an application anyway.

The size of a grant is determined on a case-by-case basis after discussions with the applicant. The total size of funding earmarked for the grant program by Waves Platform is 1 million WAVES.

Frequently asked questions

What is the goal of Waves Incubator?

Waves Incubator is long-term, global initiative run by Waves Labs and aimed at providing financial, tech and marketing support to developers — with a special focus on dApps written in the RIDE language. The initiative's ultimate goal is to go beyond the technical side of blockchain solutions and help turn them into profitable and self-sustaining businesses, promoting the use of Waves technologies in the real world. Over the next two quarters, large grants will be issued to finance development of dApps in the RIDE language.

Does Waves Incubator claim equity in projects in exchange for support? Who owns the intellectual property (IP) rights to the solutions developed?

Waves Incubator does not claim equity in projects it supports but, in the case of a startup's successful track record, we don't rule out joining it as a venture investor. The creator of a solution is the sole owner of any IP rights to it.

In what way is Waves Incubator different from the grant program?

Waves Incubator is a larger-scale, longer-term initiative. While Waves Grants is mainly focused on projects implemented within three months, Waves Incubator provides support to projects developed over a period of up to one year. Additionally, Waves Incubator specifically targets dApps, while Waves Grants has a broader focus. Waves Incubator's focus is on larger-scale projects and, consequently, it releases larger grants of up to 100,000 WAVES. Finally, in addition to funding, Waves Incubator provides technical assistance by the Waves team, as well as marketing and PR support. We are going to spread the word about your initiative and provide assistance with coverage of your project’s major releases and development.

Who can participate in Waves Incubator?

Waves Incubator is open to everyone. You can apply as a private individual or collectively as a team, including a legal entity. One important condition is that any team wishing to apply must have developers on board.

What do I need to participate in Waves Incubator?

You need to have an idea and vision for its execution: what stages development will include, what the outcome will be, etc. You can apply using this form. Make sure you fill out all the fields and be as specific as possible.

How do you control the use of grants?

At the negotiation stage, a document is created providing specifics for all stages of project implementation. The grant amount is divided into several tranches, and the release of any subsequent tranche is conditional on the completion of the previous stage.

What kind of dApps do you look for? Are there any specific areas you are interested in?

We have suggested several use cases that we believe are most promising for implementation on RIDE for dApps. However, developers are free to suggest their own use cases. We'll consider all ideas as long as they comply with the law. The use cases serve to provide some overall guidance for developers but they should in no way restrict their creativity. We just need to stress that because of the release of RIDE's new version, designed for dApps and significant prospects of the dApp segment, priority will be given to decentralised applications.

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