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Waves Grants

We provide financial support to the most talented developers in the blockchain field, focusing specifically on projects that help further build out the Waves ecosystem.

We encourage developers to create solutions for a number of specific use cases, though ideas related to other aspects of blockchain are also welcome. Both startups and individual developers are eligible for Waves grants.

Application process


Please fill out an application form, describe your experience in as much detail as possible, and provide a resume and portfolio of work samples.


An interview may be required as part of the application process.


All applicants will be informed about decisions by email.

Use cases for grant applicants

We look for solutions for several specific use cases, which we believe are most promising for the mass adoption of blockchain.

1. Waves Tokens Exchange
2. Oracles Launcher
3. Crypto and token payments
4. Regulated tokens
5. Escrow
6. Loyalty program research
Waves Tokens Exchange

A Shapeshift-style crypto exchange service that will deal with Waves-issued tokens, Waves Keeper as with signing in options.

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Oracles Launcher

A tool for importing various data sources to the Waves blockchain with the use of the Oracle protocol.

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Crypto and token payments

Development of new payment solutions, as well as the creation of detailed manuals for integration of payments with Waves and tokens issued on the platform into any website.

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Regulated tokens

These are tokens traded and circulated under pre-set conditions, for instance, only among whitelisted members. The token issuer manages the whitelist, approving the addresses of users who have been accredited for trading the token.

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This is a classic model ensuring customer protection in various kinds of deals. We would like to see escrow solutions for deals involving Waves.

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Loyalty program research

We are looking for projects that explore the application of the WAVES token and Waves mobile application in loyalty programs, based on the standard model, and describe relevant processes.

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Submit application

If you have an idea for a useful solution based on Waves technologies that is not mentioned above, please tell us about it at [email protected] or submit an application anyway.

The size of a grant is determined on a case-by-case basis after discussions with the applicant. The total size of funding earmarked for the grant program by Waves Platform is 1 million WAVES.

Frequently asked questions

What is the goal of the grant program?

The goal of the program is to incentivise individual developers and companies to work on useful projects, with the aim of mass adoption of blockchain technology through the creation of a large number of diverse use cases in the Waves ecosystem.

Who owns the intellectual property (IP) rights to created products?

The creator of a solution is the sole owner of any IP rights to it. Waves claims no IP rights or stakes in the companies it provides grants to.

What are the selection criteria for the grant?

We disburse grants to the strongest developers in their respective areas, who demonstrate their ability to create solutions under given technical specifications. Decisions are made by a committee within Waves that features representatives of the company’s various divisions, including the Developer Relations Department.

Can I qualify if I have already started building solutions related to the announced cases?

Yes, absolutely. We will be glad to disburse a grant for fine-tuning your solution, or even its transition into a workable product.

What outcome do we expect from grant recipients?

Grant recipients will be expected to provide source code on GitHub, a tutorial and a demo for the solution. In case of the successful execution of the task, the entire Waves community will learn about it as we plan to actively publicise success stories.

What happens after the successful execution of a task under the grant program? Will I be able to work further on the solution?

Yes. After the execution of a task under the grant program, we will be glad to support you with resources and marketing activities to facilitate transition from a prototype to a working commercial solution.

Can I apply as a private individual?

Yes. The Waves Grants program is open to everyone. You can apply as a private individual or collectively as a team, including a legal entity.

Are there any restrictions on jurisdictions?

No. The Waves Grants program is open to applicants from all jurisdictions.

I didn’t get accepted. Can I re-apply?

Absolutely! We will be glad to see an updated application from you again after a while.

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